Journal Prompts for Summer

10 Fun Journal Prompts for Summer

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Have you ever wanted to start a journal? Or maybe just finish one you’ve been working on. This list of journal prompts for summer are here to help get you started or continue on your journaling journal.

Writing in my journal is a huge part of my mental health and self-care tool kit! Getting my thoughts, ideas an emotions out onto paper truly helps me to process and grow as a person. When I am able to express myself on paper, no holds barred, I release a lot of my stress and anxiety.

Journaling for mental health is something I’m very passionate about. I even wrote a huge list of Journal Prompts for Anxiety and Depression here. These prompts are super helpful whenever my mental health doesn’t feel great. They help me to rejuvenate and refocus my emotions.

Journal Prompts for Summer

Why journaling is great for our mental health:

  • Assists with problem solving
  • Helps you work through and track your emotions
  • Reduces Stress
  • Works as a Coping Mechanism
  • Boosts your Mood
  • Enhances your sense of self
  • Improves your writing skills

That being said, when things are good and busy, I often forget to journal. Or I simply feel that there is too much going on to write about. And after a while, I find myself feeling more anxious, stressed and emotional than usual. The more I write the better I feel.

Sometimes it can be difficult to pull inspiration from nowhere. So I thought about my favorite things and how summer makes me feel. Growing up it was such a magical time. Summer vacation even as an adult has a great ring to it. So, I channeled all my sunshiney summer feels to create 10 fun journal prompts for you. They will help you make the most of journaling this summer!

How to Use a Journal Prompt:

Journal Prompts help to get your ideas and creativity flowing. They also act as therapeutic guidelines to tackle targeted emotions or stress points in our lives. Copy them into your journal and get started, one at a time.

Suffering from anxiety for many years has made me very self-aware, and sometimes I can get stuck inside my own head. Journal prompts take me outside of that and allow me to better express myself in a different way.

Fun Journal Prompts for Summer

10 Fun Personal Growth Journal Prompts for Summer

  1. What is your favorite summer memory from your childhood?
  2. Create a Bucket List of everything you want to visit, experience, do, and accomplish this summer!
  3. Write a love letter to your body. Summer can take a toll on our body image as media encourages us to get into shape for that ideal bikini body. Let those negative feelings float away for a few minutes and tell your body how much and why you love it!
  4. What is your favorite summer treat? How would you describe it to a stranger?
  5. How does summer feel different to you than other seasons?
  6. If you were marooned on a deserted island what 10 items would you bring with you and why?
  7. What is your favorite outdoor activity? How can it translate into other areas of your life?
  8. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  9. Brainstorm Time: Name 5 summer related self-care ideas you can practice this week!
  10. Describe your “dream” summer day if anything were possible.

3 Fun Journals for Summer-

Hydrangea Journal for Summer
Teal Journal for summer
Hot Pink Journal for Summer

When writing in your journal there are no rules, so play around with the prompts. Use them to inspire your writing process. Have fun and enjoy the summer ahead! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Are you excited for summer this year? Comment below and let me know what plans you have!

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