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BoxyCharm Review- April 2019

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Do you love to sample new beauty products? I know I do! So, I tried a new subscription box. Check out my BoxyCharm Review below. My skincare and beauty regimen is part of my self-care practice. So it’s important to me to have good quality products.

This spring, I’ve been going through my cosmetics and makeup stash. I’ve found so many old products. Some of them are dried up and long forgotten. Some never really got used in the first place. After spring cleaning, I was left with a very bare bones vanity. So, I decided it was time to purchase a few new things.

The problem is with all the beauty companies out there, I had zero clues on even how to get started looking for new products. And I just wanted an opportunity to try a lot of different things. I’m a big fan of subscription boxes because your girl loves a mystery! But, I used to hate all the multitudes of tiny samples most of the boxes sent.

Why BoxyCharm?

So, when I found BoxyCharm on Instagram and read that they send 4-5 FULL SIZED Products in each box I was ecstatic. I knew I had to give them a try. At just $21 a box (cheaper if you get a year-long subscription) it seemed like a good deal. Each box is guaranteed to have over $100 worth of product inside. So, I ordered my first box at the end of April. And in just 4 days it arrived, all the way to Hawaii! Which was awesome.

When you sign up for BoxyCharm you fill out a several page survey. But, don’t worry it only takes about 5 minutes. It allows you to customize your box depending on your skin type, tone, sensitivities and more.

You select what color hair, eyes, and brow you have. You select what your concerns are if you have any. And how comfortable you are with makeup application. I felt my BoxyCharm took all of those things into consideration. So, here is my BoxyCharm Review for my April 2019 box.


BoxyCharm Products I received-

It Cosmetics, Confidence in a Cream Transforming Moisturizing Super Cream (MSRP $48)-

I’ve been looking for a new moisturizer. One that would be anti-aging, long lasting and gentle for my sensitive skin. And it’s been almost a week since I started using this Confidence cream. I love it!

This is a high-quality moisturizer. I noticed improved elasticity within three days of use. Using it twice a day (am and pm) is already helping my overall skin quality! Lastly, it’s nice and thick but not sticky when you apply. Leaving you feeling fresh and hydrated.

Laura Geller DewDreamer Illuminating Drops (MSRP $32)

These illuminating drops are the perfect level of complicated for me! I don’t often do a full face of makeup, but when I do a little highlighting is all I do. This is the perfect honey color a mix of gold and copper for my complexion. And it blends well.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Sanctuary (MSRP $20)

I love to wear lipstick. It’s one of my favorite small self-care tricks to feel better quickly. Look good, feel good! This lipstick left my lips soft and moisturized.

However, it wasn’t nearly as long lasting as I expected. I had to reapply after eating. And although the color wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t a perfect neutral for me. There were a lot of purple tones to it. (See Pictures Below)

Two- Tula, Bright All Night Energizing Sheet Mask (MSRP $24)

Tula is an amazing skincare company and I’ve been dying to try these. They smell great. They are very hydrating. I can definitely see me adding these masks into my weekly skincare routine. It was a treat to put one on and relax in the tub.

Bang Beauty, Chocolate Eyeliner (MSRP $22)

I don’t often use gel eyeliner, but this is a great reason to start. I did try it as an eyeshadow (recommended as an alternative use by the packaging.) And I loved the consistency and pigment. The chocolate color would look great on almost any skin tone too. Maybe after then send me some liner brushes I’ll try it out as an eyeliner, hint hint!

Over all BoxyCharm MSRP: $146

BoxyCharm Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick in Sanctuary
Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick in Sanctuary

Is it worth it?

Absolutely! The BoxyChar is the best value of all the subscription boxes I’ve tried. Everything I received was really high quality. And I love that they included both beauty and skin care items. Also, everything inside it was something I can use.

If I could make one suggestion for the box, I would say that it was weird that the gel eyeliner did not come with an applicator. I don’t have a liner brush because I normally use Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner Pen. Otherwise, I felt like this box was amazing. And I ordered one for May too!

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BoxyCharm Review

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