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31 Amazing Mental Health Quotes

30 Great Mental Health Quotes to Fight Stigma

We all struggle sometimes. It’s okay to admit it! And when you’re feeling run down emotionally, it can be hard to recharge your batteries. Mental Health Quotes can be a good reminder that you are not alone and offer some minor support for your worst days. Although seeking professional help

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Journal Prompts for Summer

10 Fun Journal Prompts for Summer

Have you ever wanted to start a journal? Or maybe just finish one you’ve been working on. This list of journal prompts for summer are here to help get you started or continue on your journaling journal. Writing in my journal is a huge part of my mental health and

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Road to Hana Tips

Road to Hana- a Complete Guide

Get transported to another time and world on the historic Road to Hana on Maui island Hawaii. This scenic highway runs from Paia Town to Hana. It’s a long and winding road with not many towns along the route. What it does have are nearly 617 winding turns and 54

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April Income Report blog image

April Income Report 2019

YAY! Hands up if you made it through April in mostly one piece! And it just so happens it’s time for our April income report and blog review. This month, was hard on me emotionally. I was terribly depressed and my anxiety was at an all-time high. Which greatly affected

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April BoxyCharm Review-2

BoxyCharm Review- April 2019

Do you love to sample new beauty products? I know I do! So, I tried a new subscription box. Check out my BoxyCharm Review below. My skincare and beauty regimen is part of my self-care practice. So it’s important to me to have good quality products. This spring, I’ve been

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Three Things I loved in April

Three Things I loved in April

Did you feel like April drug you through the mud? I did. April was a difficult month for me. Although it’s the month of mine and my partner Nick’s birthdays which are happy moments, this month holds some sadness for me. Last year on April 26th, my father passed away

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17 Amazing Margarita Recipes for Summer

17 Amazing Margarita Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Margarita recipes and a good time often go hand in hand. Whether you celebrate Taco Tuesday every week, or Cinco De Mayo once a year, a margarita is a great choice to enhance your fun! When people ask me what my favorite food is my response is: Mexican. It’s a

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blog image self care toolkit

Build Your Own Self-Care Tool Kit

Your self-care tool kit is something you can reach for whenever you feel overwhelmed and need a break. Use the tools inside this kit to help reduce your stress, boost your mood and increase your comfort. You may want to consider making a self-care toolkit if you are feeling anxious,

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